Upcoming dates


"SUSANNA" Dance performance for the exhibition "Susanna - an image of women from the Middle Ages to #MeToo".
by Bibiana Jiménez with music by Marei Seuthe and Klaus Mages
at the Wallraff-Richartz-Museum, Cologne
on 03., 05. and 25.11.2022, 19.01. and 02.02.2023, each at 7 p.m.
and in the Theater der Keller on 15.11., 06. and 13.12.2022, each at 8PM


Recent dates

Sonntag 13.03.2022 on 12Uhr
„Die DIETMAREI lädt ein…“ vol. 8, at Loft Cologne
As guest: Sebastian Gramss, bass


May 7th 2018

insub meta orchestra with works by Pisaro and Granberg, studioErnest  Ansermet, Geneva, CH


April 22th 2018

"Aufgrund" by Christian Wolfarth, Moods Club, Zürich, CH


May 12th 2017

"Missa" vocal ensemble "Millefleurs" at Alte Kirche Refrath, Bergisch Gladbach/D


April 25th 2017

CELLOPHAN, women cellists performance, Basel/CH


December 2nd 2016,

"fairy tales for cello and piano", Duo with Sigrid Sachse, Gelbe Villa, Hürth, D


November 26th 2016


November 25th 2016
INSUB META ORCHESTRA, Geneva, Kulturhalle, Leipzig/D


November 19th 2016

workshop with Gerlind Schweppe and Marei Seuthe at Carl Stamitz


November 18th 2016
„Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Erik!" Improvisationskonzert im Loft, Köln, Wißmannstr. 34 mit Dietmar Bonnen, Marei Seuthe, Reinhard Gagel und Georg Wissel (Eröffnungskonzert des 16. Improvisiakums der Rheinischen Musikschule Köln)


November 12th 2016

Millefleurs, atelier Klingentalstr., Basel, CH


November 6th 2016,

piano quintet with compositions by Robert Schumann, Cologne, D


September 15th and 16th 2016

Duo with Dietmar Bonnen, "Mills near the river Rhine"


September 9th 2016

WIO, Bonn, D


September 7th 2016

concert with the sound sculptures by Peter Hölscher at Klangraum St. Helena, Bonn, D


September 4th 2016

"Mimi Cri & Phil Reptil", 8pm, Chamber Remix Cologne at Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne, D


September 1st 2016, 8pm

"I’m explaining a few things", Saad Thamir ensemble, festival "vielsaitig", Füssen, D

August 28th 2016 „Chronotopia" by Dietmar Bonnen, concert with sound sculptures by Peter Hölscher, Cologne, D


June 21st  2016

IMO, Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, E


June 4th 2016

„Five Elements", cello trio with Corinna Eikmeier and Krischa Weber, Hamburg, D


April 30th 2016

Millefleurs Werkstatt concert, Bergisch Gladbach, D


March 6th 2016

"Fairy Tales for Cello and Piano", Duo with Sigrid Sachse, Cologne, D

January 10th and 9th , VIN with Roger Hanschel and Peter Hölscher, Cologne and Waldbröl, D


December 5th 2015

solo program, Basel, CH


September 29th 2015

"Frau Kling Klong, Nofre Tüte und Suse die singende Säge", Comedia, Cologne, D


September 26th 2015

"I’m explaining a few things", Saad Thamir ensemble, Paderborn, D


June 28th 2015

piano quintet with works of Shostakovitch, Beethoven and Pärt, Cologne, D


March 22nd 2015

"Orpheus" opera by Chr. W. Gluck, Cologne, D (stage direction)


January 18th 2016

Foliafolie at Exploratorium, Berlin, D


October 19th 2014

"Mimi Cri & Phil Reptil" at St. Clemens, Cologne, D


June 13th 2014

cello en vogue at New Directions Cello Festival, Ithaca, NY, USA


April 20th 2013

"music in the shape of a pear", Duo with Dietmar Bonnen, Max Ernst museum, Brühl, D