Duo with Dietmar Bonnen


"satiesfactory", "music in the shape of a pear", and other concert programs


Marei Seuthe, cello, voice, musical saw

Dietmar Bonnen, piano, toy piano, organa, kalimba, steel drum


Within their Dadaistic and surrealistic projects Marei Seuthe and Dietmar Bonnen explore compositions by Erik Satie and connect them to pieces by John Cage and other avantgarde composers, but also to medieval and improvised music. Moreover, they combine some parts of this concert program with live painting and live video performances. The two musicians do not simply play written compositions,they rather play with them so that various compositional principles are mixed in an inspiring collage technique.


Audio sample: „satiesfactory"


Duo with Sigrid Sachse


Together with pianist Sigrid Sachse, Marei Seuthe focusses on the classical repertoire and contemporary music including their own compositions. In 2014, they were invited to play works by Beethoven and Schumann at the award presentation of "Rheinlandtaler" at Landesmuseum Bonn.


Concert programs:

  • "About Form and Freedom" (2013)
  • Compositions by F. Couperin, C. Debussy, E. Satie, C. Franck, M. Feldman and Sachse/Seuthe
  • "Lore Ley is combing her hair … fairy tales for cello, voice and piano" (2016)
  • Compositions by Robert and Clara Schumann, Leos Janacek, Arvo Pärt, Sigrid Sachse and Marei Seuthe concerning fairy tales and the legend of Loreley.




Audio samples:

Concert November 2014


Duo: Mimi Cri & Phil Reptil


8 strings, various wires and cables from Paris meet 4 strings, 2 vocal folds and saw blade from Cologne:

  • Rock guitar accompanies an Air out of early baroque
  • Musical saw yips against electronics
  • 1740’s cello competes with spacy samples of the future
  • Loops versus ostinato, noise contra melodiousness…


Phil Reptil and Marei Seuthe let various musical worlds crash and create a mix out of Old Music and their own compositions combined with avantgarde improvisations resulting in a sound brewage

of wondrous harmony.


Audio samples: