Ensemble Foliafolie

Marei Seuthe – cello, voice

Angela Eling – recorders

Reinhard Gagel – piano, moog synthesizer, zapping concept

Arnd Sprung – guitar (until 2006))


The ensemble Foliafolie is working with elements of Old and contemporary music between composition and improvisation. Two projects, “Foliafolie” and “Zapping Wanderer” (at that time still with Arnd Sprung, guitar) combined the music with elements out of literature and theatre. “Zapping” within this context means the art of virtuoso collage and superimpositions.


The program they performed at WDR Köln in 2003 is still repeated and varied in several “archeological” concerts of recollection. A current “remix” lasting for more than one decade,was most recently performed at “Exploratorium Berlin” in 2015.

Audio sample: January 2015 exploratorium Berlin

Trio With Anna Lindblom and Albrecht Maurer

In 2014 Marei Seuthe joined the two improvisers Anna Lindblom (voice, percussion) and Albrecht Maurer (violin) in order to develop a concert program for children commissioned by the Philharmonie Cologne. This piece called "Mrs. Kling Klong, Nofre Tüte, and Sue the Musical Saw" was successfully performed in September 2015. A new project is planned for 2017.


Ensemble Cello en Vogue

Up to seven female cellists are improvising and playing their own compositions. Besides the classical equipment they use curved bows, musical saws and sometimes a steel cello or work with their voices and electronics.  In 2007 and 2010, they developed concert programs about female composers (Anna Amalia von Sachsen Weimar and Alma Mahler-Werfel) and recently have been invited as guest artists to New Directions Cello Festival in Ithaca, N.Y.


Current members of this ensemble are Corinna Eikmeier, Anne Krickeberg, Marei Seuthe and Krischa Weber (Video)


Vocal ensemble MILLEFLEURS

Marei Seuthe - Abril Padilla - Maria Norseth Garli - Margret Horrer - Mitch Heinrich - Christoph Schiller - Rudolf Häfele - Carl Ludwig Hübsch - Markus Wettstein - Jan F. Kurth - Charlotte Torres - Kathrin Seuthe - Antoine Läng


The ensemble Millefleurs is a free improvising, internationally casted, large ,vocal formation and thus unique. The singers have different artistic backgrounds such as theatre, literature, improvised and classical music.


The music of Millefleurs is a music of the moment, and one that inquires into the inside of sound. Although it is in continual change, its sound, as a result of continuous work and a specific mixture of individual styles, changes slowly and over longer periods. As vocal ensemble music it stands in the tradition of European vocal polyphony, but structurally and in terms of approach it is mainly part of the living practice of today's improvised music.


Christoph Schiller initiated the ensemble and holds it organically together. Millefleurs is organized as a pool so that both size and composition of the formation can vary.


The ensemble has performed at various festivals; in 2007 at the festival "Raumklänge" in Pulheim/Stommeln (D), and at "Forum::Wallis" in Sierre (CH), in 2008 at the Karlsruher Festival für improvisierte Musik (D) and in 2009 at the festivals "météo" in Mulhouse (F) and "zoom-in" in Bern (CH).


Improvising orchestras  WIO, LIO, IMO



In 2007 the WIO’s founding motto was „an orchestra is conducting itself”. This improvising orchestra follows the ideas of the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO) using their conducting signals in order to organize the improvisations.


The members of WIO which is based in Wuppertal live and work in many cities of NRW.



The London Improvisers Orchestra is dedicated to free and conducted improvisation.

It draws on a large and shifting pool of improvising musicians from London and beyond, and plays in London monthly, generally on the first Sunday.



The Insub Meta orchestra (IMO) is a large ensemble gathered around the experimental and electroacoustic practice. It was founded in 2010 by the Cyril Bondi and d’incise duo. It consists of about fifty permanent members that form the thirty international musicians present at each concert. Born from questionings on improvisation in a large group, the IMO has built with time a strong collective and typical background where the individual gesture gets lost in the production of global sonic states. Thus subtle matters emerge and interact with silence. The notions of improvisation or composition become confused in a constant research of a specific development in the context of this orchestra. Its axes are the place of silence, an electroacoustic and extensive listening, the work on durations, the mimetism, low volumes, non-hiérarchical relations and the circulation of informations.

Chamber Music Ensemble for piano and strings

Bärbel Klein – Violin,

Marta Kletenitch – Violin

Doris Funke – Viola

Marei Seuthe – Cello, Voice

Claudius Roller – Piano


Piano Quintets by Robert Schumann and Dmitri Shostakovich and duet and trio pieces.