Marei Seuthe, violoncello

Zapping Wanderer (2005 westpark)

Ensemble Foliafolie (Reinhard Gagel, piano, keyboard; Angela Eling, recorders; Arnd Sprung, guitar; Marei Seuthe, cello, voice)

M (2008 obst)

Concept: Dietmar Bonnen (Ernst Gaida-Hartmann, guitars; Tom Gerke, hi-hats; Dietmar Bonnen, electronics, gran cassa; Marei Seuthe, cello, voice)

Millefleurs (2009 hm productions)

Millefleurs vocal ensemble Basel; leader: Christoph Schiller

Die Wolke des Vergessens 4  (2010 obst)

Improvisation (Phil Reptil, guitar, electronics, voc; Michael Pape, drums; Dietmar Bonnen, e-piano, voc; Marei Seuthe, cello, voc; Vazo, drawings)

Chronotopia (2010 obst)

A time structure composition by Dietmar Bonnen (same ensemble as in "Die Wolke des Vergessens")

Archet en Ciel (2010 obst)

Marei Seuthe, cello; Dietmar Bonnen, concept, mix

Satiesfactory (2011 obst)

Dietmar Bonnen and Marei Seuthe play with compositions by Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, John Cage, Lou Harrison and Morton Feldman (Dietmar Bonnen, keys, kalimba, glockenspiel, stones, gongs; Marei Seuthe, cello, voc, musical saw)


Mimi Cri & Phil Reptil „Y" (2016 obst)

Eight strings from Paris meet four strings and two vocal folds from Cologne and mix classical with experimental sounds (Phil Reptil, guitars, electronics; Marei Seuthe, cello, voc)

Erik Satie improvisation project "One moment visible ..."

(1999/2016 Theater Pianoforte)

In this project Erik Satie appears as a pioneer of modern composition techniques and inspires the improvisations of the ensemble. (Reinhard Gagel, piano, concept and arrangements; Marei Seuthe, cello, voice; Georg Wissel, saxophone; Hans Kanty, percussion)