Music Theatre

Marei Seuthe stems from a ‘stagestruck’ family and so she trained acting at a private theatre academy besides her studies of German literature and linguistics and music . Moreover she attended classes in theatre and was a member of the Extrachoir of Opera Bonn where she was able to observe well-known stage directors at work.


In 1997 she became the leader of the theatre group of her music school and worked on many plays  with the students. After the great success of "One Euro Opera" (following Brecht/Weill) in 2005, she directed "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" in 2009. Her version of Shakespeare’s famous play was combined with the music of Henry Purcell’s "The Fairy Queen" as well as electronic sound collages.

In 2010 she was responsible for the stage direction and the setting of Markus Stockhausen’s children’s opera "The Adventures of Oliver" which was performed with about 200 little actors, singers and instrumentalists at Philharmonie Cologne and at WDR, Cologne’s broadcast station.

In collaboration with the piano teachers of her music school she developed several cpmbined piano-theatre pieces. The most recent play "Pia Noforte between Galaxy and Stone Age" shows a magic metronome which beams a piano teacher and her two students like a time machine through various musical periods. The young actors had the chance to play their favorite piano music learning a lot about the development of their instrument at the same time.


In 2015 the whole school produced Gluck’s opera "Orpheus und Eurydike". The eight-year-old violinist as well as the 76-year-old chorister worked on, in front of or behind the stage together with their teachers. The genesis of this big event was commented on in a Cologne newspaper for several months.




In the same year, she developed together with Albrecht Maurer and Anna Lindblom a music theatre piece for children called "Mrs. Kling Klong, Nofre Tüte and Sue the musical saw" which was an assignment of Philharmonie Cologne. In this production, Marei Seuthe works as stage director as well as musician and actress.