Multimedia projects with Peter Hölscher

It all started when Peter Hölscher made some wonderfully blurred photos of an ensemble of 7 female cellists. Out of these photos a so-called Areale was made showing a portrait of Marei Seuthe in slow motion. Many projects in collaboration with Dietmar Bonnen and other artists followed, such as "Waldfrieden" with a cello improvisation in three layers based on a concept of Dietmar Bonnen, "Gertrud" with Phil Reptil and "VIN" with Roger Hanschel.


Furthermore, Marei Seuthe has been player of Peter Hölscher’s sound sculptures in several concerts.

Project VIN

Liquid Images by Peter Hölscher connects to a composition by Roger Hanschel and two sound pieces by Marei Seuthe.


Marei Seuthe – Cello & Voice

Roger Hanschel – Saxophone

Peter Hölscher – Photos

The multimedia project "VIN" consists of the two-part composition "Vin" by Roger Hanschel and the sound pieces "MonoDialog" and "Woodchuck" by Marei Seuthe performed behind a gauze screen onto which blurred night shots by Peter Hölscher are projected as a slow motion film. The musicians appear and vanish mysteriously illuminated through and by the pictures that together with the music evoke a rave of color and sound. (Video)

"Les Saxosythes-werkstatt"

The so-called "workshop" of the amateur choir "Les Saxosythes" run by Dietmar Bonnen explores new sound worlds in collaboration with professional singers, composers and percussionists.


The ensemble performed various concerts sponsored by the county of NRW expanding their musical experiments by sound sculptures  and film. Marei Seuthe composed several pieces for this ensemble.

Project with Saad Thamir "I’m explaining a few things"

Marei Seuthe has been the cellist and singer in several projects of the Iraq composer Saad Thamir. "I’m explaining a few things", a program with compositions on anti-war-lyrics by Brecht, Neruda, Darwisch and others has been invited to various festivals. Moreover it was broadcasted in connection with a composer’s feature on WDR 3, in November 2015.

Project Time Zones

Time Zones, a project by Marei Seuthe (Cologne Music Night 2014)

Marei Seuthe (Köln) - Cello, Voice, musical saw,

Mitch Heinrich (Wuppertal) - Sound poetry, Voice,

Christoph Schiller (Basel) - Spinet, Zither, Voice

und Phil Reptil (Paris) - Electronics, E-guitar, Voice


Four experienced improvisers arriving from various corners of Europe meet to explore nothing less than the phenomena of time and space. They are mixing several musical genres like Dada, rock as well as minimalism and thus create a unique cosmos of sounds.

Project Kolumba

In 2011 Marei Seuthe met the well-known voice artist Lauren Newton in connection with a „Klangwerkstatt" of the ensemble „Ars Choralis Coeln". On 11/6/11 a concert performance with various vocal improvisations took place in the Kolumba museum, Cologne.