Marei Seuthe teaches cello, orchestra, improvisation and theatre at  music school of city of Cologne. In addition to that she is workshop leader teaching subjects such as "improvisation", "performance", "how to prepare concerts" and "acting".


Twice she was guest clinician at New Directions Cello Festival in Ithaca, N.Y. and gave the following workshops:

  • "Musical scenes for cello ensemble – from free improvisation towards improvised compositions"
  • "It’s not only the strings that sound – discovering new possibilities of playing the cello"
  • "Ping Pong with singing saws" (all in collaboration with Krischa Weber, Hamburg)
  • "Conducting signals – play what the conductor is doing"

In collaboration with Sera Smolen (USA) and Gunther Tiedemann (Cologne) she gave several workshops concerning improvisation on string instruments (e.g. "Improvising String Quartet" and "Dances from around the world")